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Drought prone area programme

The project was launched by central government in 1973-74 it basically  tackles the problem faced by the areas which are under  the adversely  affected by severe drought conditions .the main reason for the implementation of project is depletion of vegetative cover , increase in soil erosion  and fall in ground water level due to continuous exploitation  by humans ,hence its overall impact is to solve the adverse effect of drought prone areas.

              For addition of areas under the programme a high level technical committee was developed in april 1993.based on some recommended steps taken by hanumamtha rao committee , comprehensive guidelines for watershed development , commonly aplicable to drought prone areas programme . The project will ultimately increase the productivity of land , production of crop and lead to proofing of affected area. The program promotes overall economic condition of the resources.

            Before the project was started the funding of project was 50:50 basis between the central government and state government but now it became 75:25 between central and state government .The project of 500 ha. Are sanctioned under the programme . the cost norms are calculated were maximum Rs/-6000 per ha. The funds were released yearly . according to the census of 2004 new project have been sanctioned and these are to be implemented under the guidelines for hariyali.

Drought –prone areas programme

                 Several rural areas and rural communities are many times affect very badly due to drought.  The condition of drought have very adverse effect on the production of crop and as we all know most of the source of income of people living in rural areas is because of  farming and that’s why drought have a very adverse effect on their livestock. No other option is left with them as the drought affects the productivity of the land, water and human resources and in such a deadly situation our state government helps the rural community by introducing the drought-prone area programme to the rural people. 
The government supplements their work by training and providing technical support through project implementation agencies. The major problems are continuous depletion of vegetative cover, increase in soil erosion and fall in ground water level. Voluntary agencies to be given effective role in the implementation of the program particularly in motivating people, community organization and training. 

                 Implementation of this scheme has been proven like a boon to the people living in rural areas as because now with the help of this scheme they can understand and can learn what is good for them in such a adverse condition.  The basic objective of the programme is to minimize the adverse effects of drought on the production of crops and livestock and productivity of land, water and human resources thereby ultimately leading to the drought proofing of the affected areas. 
                      The programme aims at promoting overall economic development and improving the socio-economic condition of the resource poor and disadvantaged sections inhabiting the programme areas through creation, widening and equitable distribution of the resource base and increased employment opportunities. By implementing this scheme the government has provided a big support to the rural people. 
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