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Indira  Aawas  Yojana

Indra awas yojna is the flagship rural housing scheme implemented b y our government of providing the shelter to the poor people under the poverty line. This program run on the basis of poverty ratio and housing sort age.
The primary objective of the scheme is to help the construction of new dwelling unit and the most important conversion of kutcha house into pucca and semi pucca house by freeing the STs/SCs bonded laborers and people of below poverty line y extending the grant-in-aid
This scheme became effected in April 1999. it aim to provide the house for  the victims of atrocities, household headed by the widows/unmarried women and STc/SCs household who are below the poverty line.
            In hilly areas Rs 22,000/- is provide per unit and Rs 20,000/- in plain areas and for the conversion of kutcha house into pucca house Rs 10,000/- is provided. Where the toilets and chulas are the integral part of the house.
Those scheme are encouraged wish are environment friendly technologies ,cost effective , materials and design for the construction/up gradation of the house.
Indra awas yojna is centrally sponsored scheme sharing basically sharing between the government of India and government of state in the ratio of 75:25 respectively. The person concerned have to consult the rural development agency or rural development officer or village panchayat or village level worker. This house are allotted on the names of women of the house.

This program mainly help  for the production of the house and toilets for the rural poor and village level  and even it help to develop the image of the women.

Indira  Aawas  Yojana

The  objective of IAY is primarily  to help construction of new dwelling units as well as conversion of un-serviceable kutcha houses into pucca/semi-pucca by members of SC/STs , freed bonded laborers and also non-SC/ST rural poor below the poverty line by extending them grant-in-aid.
IAY is a centrally sponsored schemes funded on cost  sharing basis between the Govt. of  India and the states in the ratio of 75:25 respectively.
Grant of rs.20,000/-per unit is provided in the plain areas  and Rs.22,000?- in hilly/difficult areas for the construction of a house . For conversion of a kutcha house into in pucca house , Rs.10,000/- is provided . In construction /Up gradation of the house, cost effective and environment friendly technologies , materials and designs are encouraged .
The household is allotted in the name of a female member of beneficiary household.

The person concerned should contact the village panchayat or village level worker or the block development officer or district rural development  agency.

Indira aawas yojana

If we will see the rural areas around us then we will observe that the most of the poor people in rural areas are living in kutchcha house or very damaged house. So the government of India has the aim to provide proper shelter to each and every Indian citizen and for the same purpose government of India has implement the Indira aawas yojana which aims to provide shelter to the poor below poverty line. 
It helps the poor people having kacha house or very damaged  house to convert their un-survivable house to survivable pakka or semi pakka house these scheme is only limited to the people belonging to BPL. Under this scheme the household is alloted in the name of a female member of beneficiary household. It is the dream Indian government to substitute all provisional (kutchcha) homes from villages of India till 2017.

Total sanitation Campaign & Rajiv Gandhi Grameen Vidyutikaran Yojana are also providing financial support to this scheme because sanitary latrine & smokeless chullah are necessary to be built along with every home for a good environment and to maintain the hygiene as well as cleanness. This scheme is in function since year nineteen eighty five, under this scheme extra cash amount will be provided to the person who wish to built their home themselves. 
The government has set a target of building 3 crore houses under its rural housing scheme in the next seven years. The government is also proposing to converge this with other rural development schemes. So all in all this is an effective step taken by government to improve the standard of the houses of the people in rural area and belonging to below poverty line.


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