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Jal abhishek campaign

M.P. in spite of having an abundance of natural  resources in a state of development ,there  is only 35%  agricultural land in the state has any type of assured irrigation .with most of the cropped area belonging to the rain fed category the incidence of drought has become perpetual feature .to compound the relentless  exploitation of the natural resource based in the form of soil cover ,vegetable cover and ground water .as water crisis  and  problem of livelihood  security for the poor  and for the solution of this the government launched JAL  ABHISHEK ABHIYAN .
The campaign could not have been successful until it shows the local need and aspirations of the community . To address this agenda a parpecticular model of collective actions was launched in villages in the form of jal abhishek committees .this helped in enabling conditions  for local specific need of people base on planning and tapping the traditional wisdom and harvesting.

Jal Abhishek has been able to achieve its entitled objective improvement livelihood condition of poor by prioritizing the agenda of water through people own action.
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