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Ladli laxmi yojna

It is the one of the important scheme started by government of Madhya Pradesh to encourage people towards the bright future of girls. It is very important to start this scheme in Madhya Pradesh because the girls empowerment is very necessary in Madhya Pradesh.
 In the year of 2007 our chief minister shivraj Singh chauhan started the scheme named “ladli laxmi yojna” b looking the condition of girl in the society because our government has feel that this scheme is very important in the life style of girl.
The main objective of this scheme is to support the girl in the economical and educational field by wish they can rise their hidden talent to the world.
One of the important objective of this scheme is to change the thinking of the society towards the girl because in our society some people has orthodox thinking towards the girls. As they are  born  only for house keeping etc.
Under this scheme the girl which is registered for the benefits get Rs2000 in 6th standard and she will be paid Rs 4000 in standard 9th when the girl get admission in 11th standard she will be paid Rs 7500. As a result their  study does not stop in between this age
After passing 11th standard she will be paid Rs 7500 and also Rs 200 per month extra and when she get passed standard 12 and her age is more than 21 year she will be paid decided amount by the government of Madhya Pradesh.
After all these when the girl is getting married she will be paid some amount by the government of Madhya Pradesh which will be more then Rs 100000 to provide the financial support to the family of the girl.
So finally main Moto of the scheme to create awareness among the people towards the education , health and society status of the girl by which they can equally contribute towards the development of our country.

Ladli  laxmi  yojna

Ladli laxmi yojna was introduced by government for to improve there future by providing them education and being positive  change in mind set of people towards girl .this scheme was  1st started in 2006 ,under this scheme amount Rs/- 6000 is provided to their per during her studies in XI  & XII . The scheme was later implemented by chief minister of India “Shivraj Singh chauhan “The main initiative of this scheme is to improve women financial status, education and respect in society. 
The  objective of this scheme is to  encourage birth of girl child as a pleasure not as a burden and stop female foticide and abandonment of baby girl. This  scheme has been launched to reduce difficulties of parent at the time of there daughter’s Marrage .This scheme will also help in balancing the male – female ratio .
The application form can be downloaded from the web site
The eligibility criteria for ladli laxmi yogna is – 
(I)            The girl should be resident of MP.
(II)        The family of girl child is below poverty line can’t afford proper education to their girl or daughter.

(III)    The girl is under this yojna from birth till 18th .  

Ladli Laxmi Yojana

Ladli Laxmi Yojana is establish by the hard work of Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chauhan in May2, 2007 which is adopted by six other states also. This scheme is establish for the girls and their future, for improve their education, economy status and to change the attitude of people towards the birth of a girl.
The schemes benefit will be available to a girl who born on or after 1 Jan, 2006 in poor family or and female orphans. 

In this scheme the government purchases National Saving certificate Rs 6,000 each year for five years. When girls take admission in sixth standard so she will get Rs 2,000 and when she is in ninth standard Rs 4,000 would be paid to the girl by the government, when she is in eleventh standard Rs 7,500 would be paid to the girl. During the higher education she would be get Rs 200 every month and on the completion of 21 years she will receiving more than 1 lakh.


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