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M.P. Local area development programme

      The scheme of Madhya Pradesh Local Area Development Programme was starts on December 1993. This scheme was introduce as a central sector scheme. The member of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha has executed this scheme of development and this is based on the local people needs. 
The objective of M.P. Local Area Development Programme is to work which can be carried out in this scheme are- construction of buildings for schools, buildings for hostels, libraries and shelter for handicaps, construction of roads, bridges, public irrigation and public drainage facilities etc.
 The government of India provides Rs. Two crore per year to be taken up in his constituency. So by this scheme we can construct our state in beautiful and well maintained manner this scheme help to develop our state. Through the concept of this scheme, implementation and monitoring of Madhya Pradesh Local area development scheme were issued by the rural development in February 1994. Revised guidelines were issued in February 1997 and September 1999. 

According to this scheme each member of parliament will have the choice to suggest the Head of the District works to the tune of Rs 1 crore per year, to be taken up his/her constituency. The member who is elected in Rajya Sabha represented the whole of the state they may select works for done in one or more than one district as they may choose. The elected member of Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha may also select works for implementation in one or more districts in the country. The allocation per MP per year stands increased to Rs 2 crores from the year 1998-1999. The works under this scheme shall  be development in nature based on local people needs.


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