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Muhkya mantri yuya udyami yojna

It is the one of the important scheme started by the government of Madhya Pradesh toward the young man of Madhya Pradesh the main Moto of this scheme is to provide the financial support to the people of the state who want to become entrepreneurs and want to become helping hands to the people of the state.
           This scheme is launched on 1st august 2014 in Madhya Pradesh is very conscious toward the employment of our state. the eligibility for applying to  this scheme is that the people who is applying is permanent citizen of Madhya Pradesh and the applicant should have passed at least 10th standard and the age of the applicant is between the 18-40 years and applicant should not have been declared defaulter by any of the nationalized or private sector banks means that the applicant has no criminal records towards the bank in both national and private sector banks and the applicant should not already getting assistance under any state running scheme for any purpose and main eligibility of this scheme that this scheme provide financial support to only those people who are setting up manufacturing or service industry.

                  The main financial assistance under the scheme are that project cost under the scheme should be between Rs 10 lakh to 1 crore and the government will grant interest at a rate of 5%of the cost of project per year till 7 year and guarantee fee will be paid at current rate for up to 7 year. And state government will provide 15%of the project cost as margin money or maximum Rs12 lakh.
             Main procedure for applying this scheme use cam apply from district office for free and application form will be reviewed and sorted applicant with incomplete form will  be called to complete the missing detail in the forms. The applicant are required to submit the general project report of proposed project along with the application forms then application  forms will be presented in front of selection committee of respective department elected under the scheme and non eligible candidate will be rejected and loans for accepted application will be distributed within 15 days after the acceptance of application.
             So the main purpose of this scheme to increase the employment in the state and give supporting hand to entrepreneurs of our state.

Mukhyamantri yuva udyami yojana

Mukhayamantri Yuva Udyami Yojana, was launched on 01 August 2014 in Madhya Pradesh. As per now today’s condition of our state the problem of unemployment is increasing day by day and to reduce that situation in our state, our state government is taking a big step by launching Mukhyamantri yuva udyami yojana the objective of this scheme is to provide financial support to the residents of Madhya Pradesh to setup a new industries so that the job opportunities will also increase  in our state.
            By applying this scheme many poor people living in rural areas who are unemployed will get new job and would be able to fulfill the basic needs of their family. According to Mukhyamantri yuva udyami yojana the residents of our state who are eligible for this scheme will get a loan from Rs. 10 lakh to 1 crore to set up a industry and to create job opportunities. So by implementing this scheme the poverty in the rural areas of our state will decrease and the problem of unemployment will also reduce.

               This scheme is for all people who aim to establish industry. According to this scheme, our Madhya Pradesh government will provide financial help to us, the provision of interest, guarantee loans and training for the establishment of industries or business.
This is eligible to only permanent residents of Madhya Pradesh. This is for those people who have passed in 10th standard and their age limit is in between 18 to 40. The request for getting loan is passed by the decision of any banking sectors by the government or the private sector. The person who is getting loan must submit a general project for the proposed project.


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