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UrjaDaksh LED Bulb UjalaYojana-LED Bulb Distribution

Aim:-  to provide efficient light saving bulb to all the clas  of people
About scheme
Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan and Union Minister for Power, PiyushGoyal will inaugurate UrjaDaksh LED Bulb UjalaYojana at CM residence on April 30.
3 crore LED bulbs would be distributed all over the State at the reasonable rate of Rs 85 per bulb.
Highlighting the features of the bulb, bulb would be of 9 watt, but illuminate like 100 watt bulb. It will have replacement warranted of 3 years. Its minimum working capacity is 30,000 hours. As this bulb would illuminate like 100 watt bulb, hence there would be power saving of 91 percent.
These LED bulbs would be distributed through the medium of fixed distribution agents and Indian Government’s Energy Efficient Services Limited would give the helping hand in this regard. Bulbs would also be distributed through corporation’s AkshayUrja shops, markets, post office, power bills collection centre, etc. Any consumer can get it by showing his identity document.
Interesting point is that  the use of one LED bulb, power of 25 to 30 unit could be saved every year.One could have saving of Rs 150 to Rs 180 in a year.
Solar pumps would also be provided to farmers and this will help them in evading of power cut and non-availability of power
He also informed about scheme related to grid connected roof top solar plant. Manu Shrivastava said that LED bulbs would be distributed by corporation on no loss no profit basis and efforts are being made that Government and semi government officials shall purchase the LED bulb from corporation itself.
Under the scheme, the state government will distribute 20 lakh LED bulbs in the Rewa district alone within next 6-12 months. The state government will also provide energy efficient fans and agriculture pumps to villages.
The scheme will prove to be a great initiative towards energy saving.

Result :-        to save the energy usage to minimize the burden to find the alternative resources

Pradhan mantri ujalla yojana

According to the vision of our Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the women’s of rural areas belonging to BPL families should be provided clean fuel to experience cooking without smoke. So to work on this mission our chief minister of Madhya Pradesh has launched a scheme name Pradhan mantri ujalla yojana at shahdol by distributing LPG connections to the women’s belonging to BPL families. 
Under this scheme the state government is aiming to provide 35lakh connections to BPL household in next three years and it is going to be a boon to the women to experience cooking without smoke. The central government has set a budget of Rs.8 thousand crore to run the scheme. Clean fuel is available to very limited people. 
Today also in rural areas many of the women's belonging from poor families use the conventional methods like wood and some other fossil fuels to cook food and usage of this type of method not only affects the environment but it also affect the health of the person cooking food. It may lead to serious health problems also. 

So by looking towards this condition our M.P. government supported the pradhan mantri ujalla yojana and in this scheme 5 crore LPG connections will be delivered to BPL families with a support of Rs. 1600. So that they can reduce the usage of fossil fuels and the connection will be issued on the name of women beneficiaries. 
Not only this much facilities also, for the stove and refill cost, EMI facility will be provided so that there should be no burden on the family. So all in all this is a very big step taken by our state government to improve the life style of the women living in rural areas and belonging to the BPL family.


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